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Even Better Than The Real Thing?

After 18 years performing as Bono with his band The Australian U2 Show, Gary Morris was more than a little excited to hear that U2 themselves would be showing video footage of 'The Australian U2 Show' behind them on a giant screen whilst performing on stage. The footage was to be shown during U2’s performance of ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ at the already sold out performance at the massive Glastonbury festival in England.

When it comes to impersonating Bono no one does it better than Gary Morris - with or without sunglasses!! Gary has featured in television and radio commercials, in both Melbourne and Sydney, an infomercial for U2’s Telstra Stadium shows, the cover of magazines, and was asked to perform at U2 promoter Michael Coppel’s 60th birthday celebrations.  Gary has performed with well known celebrities such as Mark ‘Dicko’ Dickson, comedians Ben Price and Gabriel Rossi, and was asked to appear at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and subsequent tour.  Gary’s physical resemblance, spoken voice, and singing voice have fooled many, with Irish folk even asking “Are you Irish?  You sound so much like the man!”  Gary fooled a Sydney luxury car dealer into letting him test drive a $300,000 Mazerati.  Well known magazine FHM and Today Tonight did a story on the event!  Gary has even fooled U2’s security!

Touring both nationally and internationally, from the southern hemisphere to the north, the band has surprised, delighted and fooled crowds around the world with its authenticity. Performing Pub, Corporate and Private shows, no detail has been overlooked,  the members of  The Australian U2 Show have refined both the look and sound of their famous Irish counterparts, assuring both an exciting and memorable show, a want to see again show, The OZ U2 show, The Australian U2 Show. 

What makes a band legendary rather than merely memorable? What ever it is U2 have certainly proven themselves to be more than just another band, and in a country renowned for its concept/tribute bands, The Australian U2 Show has been described by many as the best. The show was formed in 1992 by Peter Van Den Berg and Gary Morris after Peter spotted Gary on channel nine's world renowned 'Hey, Hey it's Saturday'  because of his twin-like resemblance to Bono and vocal ability.


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On Saturday, September 20th, 2008, STAR FITNESS celebrated its first year in the fitness industry.  We decided to do something a little different and booked The Australian U2 Show.  Unsure of what we were about to see, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and authenticity of the band.

Gary Morris did an unbelievable job as "BONO" and matched the famous frontman not only in appearance, but vocal and stage presence also.  He was able to relay the passion and energy of U2 to the crowd and had everyone singing along to every song.  He was able to create a fun and exciting atmosphere and encouraged crowd interaction with his intense showmanship.

The band was also great.  All the songs were played with amazing accuracy with the projection screen adding a stadium like feel to the performance.

Everyone had a fantastic night and left wanting more.  I would highly recommend The Australian U2 Show for any future function.

Michael Makris
Fitness Operations Manager

What a fantastic night!!  We thought it would be memorable enough to go the midnight premiere, but the pre-show performance by The Australian U2 Show made it absolutely unforgettable!  We were among the 100 or so people in the foyer at 9:00 and the atmosphere was pretty electric.  The foyer was decorated for the premiere with large U23D posters that groups of people used as back drops for their souvenir photographs.  A very lucky person who went to the test screening of U23D at Imax on Monday (!!) told me that the experience was like a trip in a time machine.  Bringing back so many fond memories of the Vertigo tour.  

For me, the trip in the time machine started with Arcade Fire's 'Wake Up' immediately before The Australian U2 Show.  Their performance close to the bottom of the escalators was fantastic and quite a lot of new arrivals over the evening appeared to be really impressed.  We watched them as they joined the growing crowd, many of them pulling out their cameras to record the performance.  I think there must be several boot leg recordings out there, and hundreds of fantastic photos!!  During the second set Gary playfully disappeared up the escalator - I am pretty sure Bono himself could not have done better!!  The Australian U2 Show played right up to about 5 minutes before the movie started, and I think they were the best support act U2 has had for a while! Thanks a lot!
Robert and Barbara

I have had the pleasure of touring The Australian U2 Show on two occasions in recent years. My company Showcase 2000 promoted a 4 week tour for The Australian U2 Show throughout New Zealand in 2000, and I found Gary Morris and his band to be totally professional with all aspects of the tour both onstage and offstage. Gary's depiction of Bono was and still is the most scaringly close tribute in terms of looks, mannerisms, wardrobe and stagecraft, that I have ever seen to this day . Over 20 dates and 4 weeks he raised the bar in New Zealand in terms of quality tribute acts and I will definately look at booking a revisit at some point in the future.

In 2004 I booked through UK Entertainment Agents Henderson Management, The Australian U2 Show for a three show Middle East tour through Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain. The venue for each of the dates was The Rock Bottom Cafe chain who are market leaders for live music venues in the Middle East. The show recieved 5 star feedback from each of the venue managers and were welcome back anytime.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gary Morris and his Australian U2 Show to any bookers and agents internationally because when it comes to celebrating the legends that are U2, no one does it better.

Layton Lillas
Assistant Promoter
The Flying Music Company Limited, London

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