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For Diesel, the blues are never far away. From Come to Me to last year’s Days Like These to his blues-based 1996 collaboration with Chris Wilson, Short Cool Ones, he’s always infused the spirit and the sound into his music.

But Diesel’s blues have never been as blues-to-the-wall as they are on Project Blues: Saturday Suffering Fools, a loose-limbed, fired-up trawl through the music that inspired one of Australia’s rock legends. “The album is like an encyclopaedia of what blues is to me,” Diesel says. “You’ve got your Chicago style from the ’50s, you’ve got the ’70s funkier blues, the feral mountain blues, and there’s an Australian tinge too, that colonial, convict blues.”

Rather than continuing down the same road as Short Cool Ones, the new album Project Blues: Saturday Suffering Fools takes a sharp left turn. “Having done the harmonica and guitar thing, I thought about the whole thing with horns,” Diesel recalls. That thought led straight to Bernie Bremond, erstwhile Johnny Diesel and the Injectors saxophonist who now lives and plays in Darwin. “He’s been down or I’ve been up there and we’ve jammed, but officially, we hadn’t done
any recording since 1991, when I left the band,” Diesel says. “It was really cool, it was like we picked up where we left off, but it was still obvious we’d done an awful lot in between – some things stay the same, some things change.”

So, has Diesel now done enough suffering for the blues to go another 13 years between drinks? “I don’t tend to stay on anything for too long – attention deficit disorder,” he admits. “I don’t think it’s ever left the building, but this has rekindled a want to infuse the blues in with my music again in a more obvious way.”


Kasey Chambers, one of Australia's most loved female artists, has teamed up with Shane Nicholson to record a new album, Rattlin' Bones. Drawing on both their songwriting talents and unique voices, Rattlin' Bones heralds a return to the alternative country roots that first launched Kasey's stellar career, whilst establishing their own unique sound. This is Chambers and Nicholson at the top of their form to make an extraordinary "roots country" record - writing and performing heartfelt songs that speak with an undeniable honesty.

Whilst giving a sizeable nod to Chambers country music upbringings, Rattlin' Bones equally secures Nicholson's natural fit on the rootsy highway. Produced by Nash Chambers and Shane, Rattlin' Bones is their first album collaboration, although fans of the pair will already be familiar with the powerful rapport between the two artists from live performances and various previous recordings. Having sold over one million albums, been awarded seven ARIA's, five CMAA Golden Guitars and a swag of APRA Awards, Kasey Chambers is undoubtedly one of Australia's most loved and respected female performers.

Kasey's balance of commercial success with her credible country roots has accorded her the admiration of her fellow musicians - her supporters including notables such as Emmylou Harris, Elton John and Ben Harper to name a few. Shane Nicholson started his music career as the front man for Brisbane-based rock outfit Pretty Violet Stain and his subsequent solo work includes the albums It's A Movie and Faith and Science, which have received critical success in both Australia and the US.


Sometimes words aren't enough. All the things that have and will be said about Renée Geyer...one of the world's finest singers...Australian music legend...are true and undeniable, but saying that about her still doesn't say enough.

Renée Geyer is Renée Geyer, a unique talent, not a singer whose career is dependant on yesterday or tomorrow's hit song, but someone who lives for her next performance, on stage or on record, someone who refuses to rest on her laurels.

The voice was always there. From the first time she opened her mouth those who heard turned their heads, but that wasn't enough for Renée Geyer, still isn't enough for Renée Geyer. She's much more now than she ever was.


After his brief career as a graphic designer, his first chart success came in 1973 with the song writing of Roger Daltrey’s (of The Who) first solo album, “Daltrey”, featuring the U.S. and U.K. hit song “Giving It all Away”.

With the guidance of writing partner David Courtney and manager Adam Faith, Leo followed this up with his first solo album on Warner Brothers in the U.S.A. and Chrysalis Records for the rest of the world.
Produced by Faith and Courtney, “Silverbird” featured the hit song “The Show Must Go On” with Leo famously appearing on stage dressed as a white faced and white costumed Pierrot.
”The Show Must Go On” was also a chart topper for Three Dog Night in the U.S.A. and his second album “Just A Boy” was released a year later, featuring international hits: “One Man Band” and “Long Tall Glasses” and “Train”.

By this time, Leo’s success had reached around the globe and he toured extensively to sell out crowds in the U.S.A. as well as in Europe, the Far East and Australia. In 1975 “Moonlighting” continued the trend, and then Leo hit the really big time with 1976’s platinum selling “Endless Flight”, the album boasting two international number 1 hits, the U.S. Grammy winning “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” and his classic “When I Need You”.

Leo has had 20 worldwide top ten hits during his career, many of these self penned, and is still entertaining audiences around the world with an amazing live show featuring his truly original songs and that uniquely powerful and recognisable voice.

As an entertainer Leo ranks with the very best. His live shows are high-energy productions driven by Leo who takes complete control of the stage and the audience cannot help but be drawn in by this charismatic pop icon who is one of the great entertainers of his time.


Brian Cadd
Brian Cadd began his career in 1966 when he joined the legendary Melbourne band The Groop, writing their two biggest hits ‘Woman You’re Breaking Me’ and ‘Such A Lovely Way’.

In 1969 he formed Australia’s first supergroup, AXIOM with Glenn Shorrock, once again penning their hits ‘Arkansas Grass’, ‘Little Ray of Sunshine’ and ‘My Baby’s Gone’.

He turned solo in 1972. His first hit was the timeless ‘Ginger Man’, followed by ‘Let Go’, ‘Alvin Purple’, ‘Show Me The Way’ and ‘Don’t You Know it’s Magic’ as well as ‘Class of ‘74’ and the music for the ultimate surfing movie, ‘Morning of the Earth’.

His songs have been recorded by artists such as Joe Cocker, Ringo Starr, The Pointer Sisters, Bonnie Tyler, Charlie Daniels, John Farnham, The Masters Apprentices and countless more.

Russell Morris
Russell Morris’s career began in Melbourne during the early ‘60s as lead singer of the chart-topping pop group ‘Somebodies Image’.
After a string of hits, they disbanded and Russell began a long and successful solo career. Starting with the mega classic “Real Thing”, his recordings have spanned more than three decades and include hits like ‘Hush’, ‘Part Three into Paper Walls’, ‘The Girl That I Love’, ‘Rachel’, ‘Wings of an Eagle’, ‘Sweet Sweet Love’, ‘Mr America’ and many more.

Russell has lived and worked extensively in the UK and the U.S. as well as keeping a continual touring schedule around Australia.
He has appeared in the arena musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” as well as having a number of his hits included in movies like ‘The Dish’ and ‘The December Boys’.

rogue traders


The third chapter in the band’s rich history is well underway - a history that has seen Rogue Traders evolve from ARIA Award-winning DJs/producers to chart-topping pop stars and beyond - and the future looks bright.

With Night Of The Living Drums - the 4th album from the Rogues - in the can, James Ash has a spring in his step and an enthusiasm in his voice that attests to the excitement and determination of a man with musical opportunity lying wide open before him. “I can’t quite believe it’s all happening again - it’s really exciting! The future is open, and there’s a huge energy and hunger for it!”

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