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Australia’s premier funk/R&B vocal group CDB are quick to define what the word “funk” means to them. “Good times, raw grooves and getting immersed in the music,” says Gary Pinto. Adds Danny Williams, “It’s a movement. You can’t listen to funk sitting down. It can be down and dirty but still bring amazing grooves and melodies.”

On their new album “The Funk Sessions”, Gary, Danny, Brad Pinto and Andrew De Silva recharge their creative batteries by paying tribute to their heroes. These include the first single, Michael Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing” (PYT) from his milestone “Thriller” album...


Australia's "First Lady Of Song" became known as a brilliant song interpreter. At the start of her career, she preferred to be a singer and not a songwriter. "I'm a great believer - know your limitations before someone tells you what they are," Marcia explains.

As well as nurturing young talent on Australian Idol, Marcia continues to record and perform live. "I was brought up to work," she says simply. "When I'm not working, I'm not happy."

And she adds: 'the great thing about this industry is you never know what's around the corner." Marcia's new album follows the 2006 Top 10 gold smash, Discotheque. It also comes nearly 30 years to the day after her first number one single in1977, You.

In 2007, Marcia was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. "I'm just so happy to be inducted into the Austrian Hall," she joked, before adding: "I love Australia, but most importantly I'm so happy that I am an Australian."

idols of the 80's


Take 3 of Australia's most inovative & successful bands of the 80's, not to mention 3 of the biggest 80's pop idols... and you have  the  biggest and coolest party band in the country !

Brian Canham & Pierre Pierre from Pseudo Echo,
Dale Ryder from Boom Crash Opera
David Sterry from Real Life are the "Idols of the 80's"!...

deborah conway


Everyone remembers Deborah Conway's hit single "It's Only The Beginning' and the Aria award winning album 'String Of Pearls', but for people whose main contact with music is through commercial radio, she all but disappeared. Those with their ear to the ground, however, know she's been busy. In a business where careers are fleeting and marked by safe choices, Deborah has been pursuing the challenging.

In May 2000, Deborah released her 4th album 'Exquisite Stereo' - featuring the singles 'Radio Loves This' and 'She's Coming For It' . She has toured constantly nationally throughout 2000 with her band, as part of a trio with Monique Brumby and Diana Ah Naid and as an acoustic duet with partner Willy Zygier.

In March 2001, to coincide with Deborah and bands national tour,"Exquisite Stereo - the duet with Neil Finn and title track - was released. 'It's not a love song, but about being uplifted by the human voice" says Deborah. "I suppose it is quite literally about exquisite stereo - the transporting effects of music and how it can take you to another state. "And that's what I love about music; whether your playing or listening to someone else's beautiful music, it's the best'.


My Lasting Reply is the exciting new project from Melbourne based singer/songwriter Ryan Enright. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Ryan's passion for songwriting and performing has earned him support slots with bands/artists from all over the world.

Ryan’s time as primary songwriter and lead vocalist/guitarist in bands Sunset Avenue and The Invitation, lead to multiple tours across... the east coast and south of Australia. He has shared the stage with some of Australia finest talent including Gyroscope, Kisschasy, Airborne, Calling All Cars, Bliss n Esso & The Getaway Plan, as well as international acts Anberlin (USA), MxPx (USA), Motion City Soundtrack (USA), Houston Calls (USA), Millencolin (SWE), Project 86 (USA), Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line (USA) & Mest (USA).

daryl braithwaite


Sherbet fronted by Daryl Braithwaite is a band that will forever remain in the history books of Australian Music due to their phenomenal success.

Between 1971 and 1978, Sherbet released 15 albums and 30 singles, many reaching the National Top 40. Among these singles were "Child's Play," "Slipstream," "Cassandra," "Life," "Summer Love" and of course "Howzat," which not only reached No. 1 in Australia but obtained chart success in England and America.

As a solo artist he released "Edge" which was a huge success topping the Australian charts for many weeks before gaining multi platinum status. In 1989 it became the highest selling CD in Sony Music Australia's history. Five singles were released from edge, these being "As The Days Go By," "All I Do," "One Summer," "Let Me Be" and "Sugar Train."

Rise was Daryl's next release in November 1990. He felt the album was a little easier to record as it was more topical, and there were many things going on around him at the time that gave him inspiration.

The next album "Rise" also gained multi platinum status. The singles released off this album were "Rise," "The Horses," making it to No. 1 and was song of the year in 1991 at the Australian Music Awards, "Higher Than Hope," "Don't Hold Back Your Love" and "Nothing To Lose."

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